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Special characters

All special characters start with an & and end with a ;
&nbsp;[space] &lt;< &gt;>
&amp;& &quot;" &copy;©
&reg;® &trade; &plusmn;+
&para; &middot;· &cent;¢
&pound;£ &yen;¥ &frac14;¼
&frac12;½ &frac34;¾ &sup1;¹
&sup2;² &sup3;³ &deg;°
&brvbar¦ &sect;§ &laquo;«
&raquo;» &times;× &divide;÷

There are many others, accented characters, Greek symbols, mathmatical symbols, an foriegn language characters (Russian, Chinese etc). To get them just use:


The complete list can be seen at

If you don't have a font that supports the characters that you are trying to get they won't appear properly.

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