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Basic Commands
getget a file from the serverget filename
putsend a file to the serverput filename
mgetget multiple filesmget file(s)
mputput multiple filesmput file(s)
deletedeletes a filedelete filename
mdeletedeletes multiple filesmdelete file(s)
dirlists files and directories (including sizes and dates)dir
lslists files (remote)ls
prompttoggles prompt mode (used with mget, mput, and mdelete)prompt
mkdircreates a directorymkdir dirname
rmdirremoves a directoryrmdir dirname
asciisets transfer type to ascii modeascii
binarysets transfer type to binary modebinary

Graphical FTP clients

There are lots of graphical ftp clients available. To find one, go to one of the download sites and search for ftp clients. There are lots available, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Try a few and see what you like. Most are shareware and you can try them before you buy.

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