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Here is the definitive spec for html 4.01

HTML editors and generators

You can use special editors to help you create HTML, here is a list of a few editors:

There are also a number of products out which will allow you to design your webpage, as you would a document in a word processor, and it will then use that to generate HTML for you. However these products don't always give you what you expected, and they almost always generate bloated files with a bunch of useless fluff which just dramatically increases the files sizes without any advantage. Also some of these will produce html that won't work in all browsers (MS products are especially good at this).

Note about using word processors to publish to html. They generally have some serious problems with publishing to html. For example, Word will take a simple little page (click here to see a basic sample page, and here to see how Word bloats it). Right click on the pages and choose view source to see the differences. Note the difference in file size (87 bytes vs 1694 bytes). Also, the file has become so complicated that it is difficult to go in and make any changes manually.


If you are browsing around and you want to see how someone did something, there is a very easy way to find out. Go to the view menu and choose the source/page source/frame source item (or alternately you can right click on the page and choose view source). The HTML for the page will come up so that you can see what the creator did to generate that neat effect. Sometimes you may find that it was done using java script or some other method for making pages dynamic. That is a whole separate topic which I am not going to go into.


If your page doesn't look the way that you expect, follow these simple steps which should isolate most common problems:

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