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<title>Title of the page that appears in the title bar of the browser, and as the name of the page in the
favorites/bookmarks list
This is where you put the content of your page

The format of a tag
<tag atribute(s)>[text]</tag>

HTML tags are not case sensitive. <tag> and <TAG> are the same. There are some things which are case sensitive though. In general, paths and file names are case sensitve.
<img src="IMAGES/IMAGE.GIF">
<img src="images/image.gif">

It is important to not put spaces between attributes and the equals sign and the values.
<img src="images/image.gif"><img src = "images/image.gif">

Paths in html need to use the forward slash (/) not the back slash (\). In windows the backslash is used as the path delimiter, however that is not the case in HTML.

It is important to note that the format of the html file has nothing to do with what shows up in the browser. What shows in the browser is dependant on the tags.

There are some characters which are special, which you can't display by just typing them on the keyboard (the < and > for example), and others which don't appear on the keyboard (¶ for example). To learn how to display these characters, click here

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