A 1931 Imperial CG Custom Line Coupe at Auction

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This is a magnificent example that came up for Auction in March 2010

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Here is what the Auction listing had to say about this amazing car:

1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Custom Line Coupe by Lebaron
RM Auctions
Automobiles of Amelia Island Collector Car Auction
Amelia Island, Florida
March 13, 2010
AUCTION RESULTS: Lot 166 - Sold at a price of $126,500

125 hp, 384 cu. in. nine main bearing inline eight-cylinder engine, four speed synchromesh transmission, leaf spring suspension with beam front axle and live rear axle, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 145"

The remarkable styling of the CG series Imperials was the work of LeBaron, one of the greatest design firms of the classic era. Founded by Thomas L. Hibbard and Ray Dietrich, and later joined by Ralph Roberts, the company established itself as innovative, creative and responsive. Although Hibbard and Dietrich later left the firm to pursue other opportunities, the company flourished under Ralph Roberts.

Probably the most striking design in existence at the time was Al Leamy's L29 Cord so when Leamy was hired to style the Imperial, it is not surprising that the cars would bear some resemblance to it. Like the L29, the CG was long and low, featuring gracefully swept fenders and a vee-shaped radiator. LeBaron improved on the design with a longer hood, a swept back grille and a more elegant side treatment.

The Imperial's powerful new engine, when combined with the lightweight two passenger coachwork of the roadster, created one of the fastest cars money could buy. Though there were a number of customs executed by other coachbuilding firms, LeBaron accounted for the vast majority of bodies on the Imperial Custom Line chassis. While many collectors are familiar with the sport phaetons and roadsters, few are aware that the rarest and one of the most attractive styles offered by LeBaron was the Rumble Seat Coupe. With its low windshield and compact passenger compartment, the LeBaron Coupe emphasizes the natural good looks of the Imperial Custom Line chassis, with its long hood and graceful, sweeping fenders.

According to Chrysler records, the 1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Rumble Seat Coupe offered here was delivered new to Oakland, California on April 10, 1931. The original body number was 143-93, and its engine number was CG 3399. In the 1970s, the car was purchased by Jerry Jensen and was largely in pieces at his shop in central California. It was later acquired by Darrell Davis, who in turn sold it to Joe Morgan. Still in pieces, it was Joe Morgan who finally conducted the car's restoration. In preparation for its showing at Pebble Beach in 2006, the car was fully restored once more before being acquired by the O'Quinn Collection the year after.

At that time, the car's brakes and throttle were adjusted, and the fitment of the hood was perfected. The car's odometer currently shows 19 miles, which is believed to be the mileage since restoration.

The CG Imperial is finished in a sporting yet subtle color combination with a tan body and a slightly darker beltline and fenders; red striping was used to accent the elegant lines and curves of the car. The interior was also finished in plush red leather and the top material is black. Although CG Imperials were sold fully equipped, options on this car include the attractive radiator stone guard and correct metal sidemount covers. The restoration has held up very nicely, and the car's condition is excellent throughout. The engine compartment is clean and nicely presented, and no chips, scrapes or imperfections are visible in the paint or chrome. The leather upholstery is of the same caliber, as is the wood and the undercarriage.

With a remarkable 145-inch wheelbase, the CG chassis Chrysler's longest ever provided the room to allow designers to craft bodies with superb proportions. There is little doubt that the CG Imperial Custom Line Coupe is among the finest looking cars of the period, in addition to being one of the best driving cars of the era. While the number produced is unknown, only two 1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Rumble Seat Coupes are known to survive. With such rarity, the opportunity to acquire one may well be unrepeatable.

Pictures and Descriptive text courtesy of RemarkableCars.com

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