1931 Chrysler Imperial Close Coupled Sedan (Twin)

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These pictures came into the Website with no accompanying information.

At first glance this car looks exactly like "Jerry Capak's Close Coupled Sedan", but upon closer examination there are many obvious differences. As Jerry says, in 1931, Standard factory colors for the Close Coupled Sedan were Sand Beige, Tan fenders with Orange pin stripe, and Orange wheels, just as this car is painted .

I call it the "Deceptive Twin", as my first impression when looking at these pictures was, that these were more pictures of Jerry's car.

See if you can spot the differences:

Here is a link to Jerry Capak's 1931.

(answers are below)





1. different radiator grille

2. very different sidemount covers

3. this car has a glove box

4. no fog lights on this car

5. this car has a trunk and Jerry Capak's does not

6. this car has no cigar lighter on the right side of the dash


See if you can spot any other differences.......

We hope the owner will share more photos of this beauty with us soon!




The owner of this restored gem recently joined the Club and had this to say about his fine automobile:

1931 Imperial CG Close-coupled Sedan S/N 7802231

This car is sitting in my garage. I just purchased the car in November 2011 from the Dan Kizzar estate. It shows just over 1600 miles which I suspect is what has been put on it in the last 37 years. It was restored in 1973 and won its first in AACA and CCCA. It has been sitting in a private collection for 30 years, so I am re-commissioning it for CCCA CARavaning. It is very pretty and in excellent condition but needs all fluids changed, etc. I have rebuilt the fuel pump but want to add auxilliary electrical fuel pump and brake light and turn signals.

Al Kroemer


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