1931 Chrysler Imperial CG Specifications, Equipment and Options

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                                    HISTORICAL NOTES:                                       


The Imperial for 1931 was designated the CG series and is considered by many as the most beautiful Imperial ever built.  A new design, based on the 1929 L-29 Cord, was the biggest change in 1931.  Also, Chrysler narrowed engine production and the Imperial now came with the new corporate work-horse, the Flathead Eight.   In most Imperial advertising of this year, Imperial is now referred to as the Imperial "8", in reference to the new engine.  It also saw the introduction of new wire wheels for the Chrysler Imperial and this became the standard wheel treatment until the 40's.


Stock car driver Harry Hartz set numerous speed records with an Imperial sedan at Daytona Beach, Florida.  Another notable Imperial owner was Mayor Al Smith, of New York City, who drove an Imperial LeBaron Phaeton .







Inline, L- head Eight.  Cast Iron Block

Bore & Stroke : 3.5 inches x 5 inches. 

Displacement : 384.84 cubic inches

C. R.: 5.2:1

Brake Horsepower : 125 @ 3200 rpm

N.A.C.C. Horsepower : 39.2

Main Bearings : Nine

Solid Valve Lifters

Carburetor - Stromberg Model DD-3



Wheelbase : 145 inches

Gas Tank : 21.5 gallons

Tires : 18 x 7.00 or 18 x 5.25



"Multi-Range" 4-speed manual transmission.  Speeds : 4F/ 1R and 4F/ 1R.  Floor shift controls.  Conventional clutch.  Shaft drive.  Overall gear ratio is 4.1:1








  • Rear fender guards

  • Spare Tire

  • Sidemounted spare tire(s)

  • OSRV mirror

  • Pedestal sidemount mirror(s)

  • Cowl lights

  • Cigar lighter

  • Trunk rack

  • Touring trunk

  • Special solid paint

  • Two-tone sweep panel finish on Phaetons

  • Leather side mount covers

  • Metal side mount covers

  • Metal side mount cover trim moldings

  • Spotlight(s)

  • Trippe lights

  • Wind wings

  • Radiator stone guard

  • Imperial custom bodies

A new design for the Imperial, inspired by the 1929 L-29 Cord and pictured below, ushers in "The Classic Era".

Al Capone is sentenced to 11 years in jail for tax evasion.

Information on this page was obtained from The Standard Catalog of Chrysler 1924-1990 by John Lee and Chrysler Chronicles by James Flammang.

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