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A "bronze-colored" 1932 Imperial Custom 8 CL

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In June of 2009 this car was spotted at the recently opened Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska.  It is part of a collection of over 65 vehicles spanning the early years of automobile design with an emphasis on early automobile transportation in the Fairbanks and surrounding areas.

This very rare Chrysler (one of approximately 12 surviving 1932 CL convertible sedans) has a custom body with semi-custom coachwork by LeBaron. It features a leather dashboard with a machine-tooled instrument cluster and twin glove boxes.

 Previous owners include Robert Burchill (MI), Fred Houston (MI, 1957), Frank Klepz (IN), Ed Perkins (CT, 1984), Phil Renick (CA, 1984-1996), Otis Chandler (Chandler Museum), Tom Crook and Doug Shinstine (WA).  Mr.Renick had Tony Anton restore this car based on details from Joe Morgan’s cars (NH). Phil Renick exhibited the car in three Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) events and it received:

  • Primary 1st – 1990
  • Senior – 1991
  • 100 pts premier crown – 1993
  • Senior #1560 SP.
Serial Number CL7803489
Engine 8-cylinder inline L-head
Transmission “Multi-Range” 4-speed selective manual
Horsepower  135
Engine Displacement 384.8 cu. in.
Wheelbase 146”
Weight   5,125 lbs
Maximum Speed 96 mph
Economy 11 mpg

49 CL convertible sedans in 1932;

60 total 1932-33

Factory Price $3,595

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1932 Chrsyler Imperial

Custom Series CL

Convertible Sedan


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