Jim Martin's 1939 Limo Restoration, Part One

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Trailer-Front-small.jpg (4867bytes)
Trailer-Rear-small.jpg (3872bytes)

1989 - This is what I started with.

side-with-pit-small.jpg (5k)
Side view - Notice pit below. 16 feet long by 3 feet wide by 5 feet deep. I could not have restored this car without the pit.

front-compartment-small.jpg (5k)
Front Compartment. Ya gotta be nuts to start a project like this!

I had quotes of $400-$500 to restore steering wheel. I chipped old plastic off, slit air-hose legth-wise, glued it to steering-wheel, filled gaps with silicone rubber and installed custom-made leather steering-wheel cover. Looks presentable and feels normal. Five hours and $35.00 for the job.

rear-compartment-small.jpg (6k)
Rear compartment.

wiring-harness-small.jpg (6k)
Wiring Harness had to be tagged and identified and sent to Y&Z's as they had no pattern.

rear-compartment2-small.jpg (5k)
Rear compartment. Notice "Chrysler Imperial" script on door sill plate.

drums-and-tires-small.jpg (3909bytes)
14-inch brake drums. 7.50x16 tires.

firewall-before-small.jpg (5k)
Firewall, "Before"

firewall-after-small.jpg (6k)
Firewall, "After"

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