Jim Martin's 1939 Limo Restoration, Part Two

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Engine-small.jpg (6k)
First engine installed was California State surplus, zero time engine. Driven 7,000 plus miles while original engine was being rebuilt.

Assembled and run for three hours on garage floor before installation. Valves set etc. - Six feet of iron from fan to end of Overdrive unit!

engine-install-small.jpg (6k)
Installing engine.

View-from-Below-small.jpg (5k)
View from pit, looking forward. Fluid drive unit had NO access hole in bell housing or floor pan to check fluid from above. I corrected this with my die grinder.

First year for fluid-coupling. Was this access not provided so Chrysler dealers would have to perform work? Sounds silly! They would have to remove unit to do that. And R&R of transmission is not an easy or pleasant job.

Body-shop-front.jpg (14k)
Body-Shop-Rear.jpg (9k)
Into body shop.

UPHOLSTERY-SHOP-small.jpg (4012bytes)
At upholstery shop.

Side-View-small.jpg (3583bytes)
Out of body shop. Only place it says "Imperial" is on either side of hood side covers, where this picture shows glint (sun reflection). Grille guard missing on this picture, installed after plating.

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