1940 Chrysler Imperial Specifications, Equipment and Historical Notes

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                                           HISTORICAL NOTES:                                         


There were only three Imperials offered in 1940 and all were Crown models on a stretched wheelbase.  Only one custom bodied Imperial was produced by Derham on the Crown chassis and survives today at the Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.  Derham also produced a one-off Crown Imperial Town limousine

Basic styling was similar to other Chryslers, with larger doors and sheet metal.  The Crown Imperials featured front fender parking lights and came only with conventional running boards.  In six passenger cars the front seat-back incorporated storage compartments and there were foot rest on the rear floor.  The eight passenger models had jump seats in place of storage compartments and no foot rests.  The limousine had a division window and could be ordered with leather upholstery in the driver's compartment. 


Fluid drive, automatic overdrive and vacuum operated power brakes continued to be standard equipment on this line.  Both low and high-compression versions of the Crown Imperial engine used aluminum cylinder heads. 


The serial numbers for the C-27 started at 7807401 and the engine numbers started at C27-1001 and ended at C27-1875.




Inline, L-head Eight  Cast Iron Block


Bore & Stroke : 3.25 in x 4.875 in. 


Displacement : 323.5 cubic inches


Cranking Rate :

Standard - 6.8:1  

Optional - 7.45:1

Brake Horsepower :

Standard - 132@3400rpm

Optional - 143@3400rpm

N.A.C.C. Horsepower : 33.80


Main bearings : Six


Solid Valve Lifters


Carburetor - Stromberg 2V model



Torque :

Standard - 255 lbs-ft @ 1600 rpm

Optional - 270  lbs-ft @ 1600 rpm


Wheelbase : 145.5 inches

Tires : 15 x 7.50


Fluid Drive Transmission standard

Automatic Overdrive was standard

Column mounted gearshift

Multiple dry disc clutch

Shaft drive

Hypoid rear axle

Overall ratio : 4.55:1





  • Whitewall tires

  • Full wheel disc brakes

  • Wheel trim beauty rings

  • Two-tone paint

  • OSRV mirror

  • Fender skirts

  • Bumper guards

  • Radio

  • Heater

  • Clock

  • Cigar lighter

  • Radio antenna

  • Seat covers

  • External sun shade

  • Spotlight(s)

  • Fog lamps

  • Front fender parking lights (six)

  • Rear fender gravel guards

  • Chromed trimmed rocker panels

  • Leather driver's seat (limousines only)

  • Bumper crash guards

Walter Percy Chrysler passes away on August 18, 1940.

Chrysler introduced the sealed beam headlight as a new safety feature.

If you would like to see the color brochure with a ton more specific information about the 1940 Crown Imperials, please look at page 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 of the brochure.

Information on this page was obtained from The Standard Catalog of Chrysler 1924-1990 by John Lee and Chrysler Chronicles by James Flammang.

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