WPC Club notes concerning 1947 Chryslers & Imperials

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From Tony Lindsey:

The following are a few skimpy notes that I made in 1991 while indexing some back-issues of the WPC NEWS, the monthly newsmagazine of the WPC (Walter P. Chrysler) Club, which is the largest Chrysler-Products club in the world. I strongly recommend that all Imperial owners belong to this club, for the sake of the classified ads and the club events. Back-issues may still be purchased for a small fee, and they are worth it. I particularly recommend buying any issues that mention "cover story" in the notes below. They will give you information about your car that you NEVER imagined was available.

There are 70 1947 Chryslers listed in the 1989 WPC Club roster.

1946-48 cover article 13 pages, plus back cover (WPC NEWS Apr75)

1946-48 cover article part 2, p12-17 (WPC NEWS May75)

1946-48 Town & Country 15pgs (WPC NEWS AUG89)

1946-1946 T&C miniature p17 (WPC NEWS NOV76)

T&C p14 (WPC NEWS OCT76), plus p18 (WPC NEWS NOV76)

Business coupe p11 (WPC NEWS NOV75)

Limousine p23 (WPC NEWS APR76)

Limousine p10-12 (WPC NEWS DEC76)

New Yorker 8-cylinder in Chrysler Town p17 (WPC NEWS AUG74)

T&C Conv. p9 (WPC NEWS OCT86)

T&C convertible color photo p.16 (WPC NEWS SEP89)

Windsor Limo in Texas Region picture p23 (WPC NEWS JUN79)

Windsor Luxury Brougham & Royal Club Coupe p20-21 (WPC NEWS JAN82)

1946-48 Chryslers mentioned in Car & Driver magazine DEC74.

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