1948 Crown Imperial Limousine

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This Limo came up for sale recently. Here's what the owner had to say about this rare beauty.

I bought this about 20 years ago from a friend, drove it a couple times a year and it always drove fantastic. The article below states this Chrysler was rare even when brand new. There were 750 Imperial Crown Limousines built by Chrysler between 1946 - 1948, . It has been sitting for 4 or 5 years, starts & runs but the brakes need attention. It does need some work here & there but nothing major. This car has fantastic curves that causes heads to go in circles. With Mohair interior in the back(leather in the front) and a 145 1/2" wheelbase it is not your typical classic. Originally bought by Elizibeth Tayler & was in 2 movies. It has very low miles(92,500) with a straight 8 cylinder that does 80mph with ease. It has a fluid drive transmission, so its an automatic or 4 speed manual transmission. It has the center window that seperates the driver from the passengers. All the windows are hydraulic, that is they work like electric but are almost silent. It is one of the longest stock vehicles of that era.

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