Candid Dealer "Shop" Photos - 1952

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Photos courtesy of Robert Brown

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I recently received some pictures of my Father, Sam Brown at work in 1952 (Dad is on the left and is 24 years old).

This is part of the shop at the L.L Richardson Dealership, 50 Lake Street, Dallas, Pa.

I guess what went hand in hand with the MTSC training was selling service.

If you read the posters on the wall, the one on the left says " Our mechanics are factory trained experts. They know your brakes inside and out."

The one in the lower center says "Not just a quick grease job." Each precision truck parts receives the right kind of lubricant."

Reading the MTSC books from that era, the posters are right in line with the training.

Richardson's Garage:

Here are the service bays at L.L. Richardson's, 50 Lake Street, Dallas, Pa. in 1952.

My father Sam Brown is on the right working on the Truck. The lift in the the far service bay you don't see anymore as it is in ground, uses 2 lift cylinders that operate independently.

The rear cylinder was able to slide for varying wheelbase lengths. It used to scare me when I was young to see my father working under the lift, especially when he serviced the Big coal delivery trucks

Richardson's showroom:

This is the crew at L.L. Richardson's in 1952 at the back of the showroom by the parts counter.

My Father Sam Brown is in the center of the front row.

For those that have watched the MTSC film strips from that era, you can see that yes the service manager ( Jim Healy) did wear a white shop coat like in the films.

The showroom and parts counter were at street level and the garage was down a slight hill, putting part of the shop directly under the parts counter.

The mechanics could go to the dumbwaiter, put a note in the tray with a parts request and ring the bell. In a few moments the bell rang with the parts on their way down for the job to be completed. Saved a lot of running up and down the stairs!

Robert B. Brown

Fairfield, California

Thank you to Robert Brown for sharing these photos of his Father Sam Brown with us.

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