Turq, a 1956 Chrysler Imperial

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Turq, a 1956 Chrysler Imperial

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The one criterion I had when I decided to "go vintage", was A/C, for I never wanted to be one of those people who have an ultra cool car and a terry cloth towel beside them to keep the viewing public from seeing the sweat pour off their forehead.   At the time, being a novice and only an appreciator of the years of the 50's, I figured I would end up in a Lincoln/Cadillac.   As my search progressed, I found an ad for this car and decided to take the 35 minute ride and see about what an "Imperial" was, and mostly because it HAD air conditioning.

As when an outboard motor addition is put onto the back of a garage so as to house the boat, so too was this garage "modified" to accommodate the size of a vehicle I did not have a clue about.   He told me to wait outside the garage as it was crowded in there, as he politely put it, and I stood in front of the garage door as his face pressed up against the glass and he reached across the front end of the car to open the garage door, and I got my first glance of the nose.   As dusty as she was, I was in love.   In my head I said I really didn't know what I was looking for, but as sure as I was standing there, I knew what I now wanted.   If it starts, I am out of here, and if it doesn't, I am dragging her home with the 454 Suburban and chains......

Two pumps and "I haven't started her since last fall", and she turned as if she started the day before.   I cut the deal as she warmed up and drove her back to my barn.   Spent a winter making her a 1- mechanical and polishing until I couldn't anymore, then polishing some more anyway.   She is an original, unmolested dream; an absolute parade wherever she goes.

Above all, even on a 95 degree Northeast July steamer, stuck on purpose in beach boulevard traffic, my drink doesn't even sweat with four pounds of freon making the inside of the car a virtual walk-in cooler!!!   Life doesn't get sweeter, particularly Life in an Imperial!

I will post more pics as I figure out this camera!

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