Anton and Marina's 1957 Crown Coupe

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Anton sent us some very nice pictures of his beautiful 1957 Crown Coupe, here is what he had to say about this unique automobile:

Here are some pictures of my "Gandalf, the Gray".

The story is: My wife, Marina, and I decided to change our favourite hobby - driving around with the Harley Davidson - to cruising with a nice oldtimer. Since my childhood I like the sound of the V8 engines, and I still get goose-pickles when I hear that sound. So we both knew, it had to be a big car with tail fins and a famous look.

This was the idea, and a dealer in Austria had a 58 Crown Southampton in his showroom, but it was very expensive and not in a good condition. So I looked at the Internet and found a German guy, who wanted to sell a 57. I took my wife and we drove the 600 km (about 380 miles), checked the car in the garage and fell in love. It took some times (and endless weeks for me) till the car was in Austria, that was in Oktober 2010. I had the Imperial in my garage and winter started. What a hard time, just looking at the car and not driving it.

In March 2011 I put the car to a dealer for getting Austrian papers. We had some changes to do, the blinking stoplight had to be changed into the white backlight, and in front, we put yellow lamps into the standing lights for blinking. Since the end of May I am driving around whenever it is possible. It is a really good feeling and the reactions of other drivers are funny at all!

Best, Anton Mayrhauser

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We hope Anton and Marina will share more pictures of their wonderful car with us.

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