Kerry's 1957 Imperial Restoration - part 26 Continued

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Well, its' time for more bondo. Oh joy! One thing I haven't shown you yet is how a cheese grater works. Its not really a cheese grater but that is what it's called. Actually it is a "sureform" tool. They come in flat, curved, and other shapes. When the filler 'kicks' but is not yet hard, you can take the high spots off with the cheese grater.

If you don't have air tools, filler work (I have a bad habit of calling filler bondo) can be nearly impossible. Air tools are pretty cheap.

I have been focusing on the bad rear fender with most of the photos and it is SOOOO bad that it's hard to see how the low spots show up when you prime it and sand it with the long board. This is how it looks. I will need to add some filler in the dark spot in the middle of the photo.

sanders.jpg (33k)

I am a sucker for new tools. One of my parts houses was having a tool sale last month I I picked up these two hand sanders for 3 bucks each. This is one of the rare good deals I find every once in a while. These two sanders have differenc contours and between the two of them I was able to get the filler shaped just right above the beltline. In the photo this is the area just above the sanders.

Speaking of dust. Remember me saying that I had already used a gallon of filler but most ended up on the floor. Well, here is a shot showing what I mean. Literally a LOT of your filler gets sanded off. This stuff gets everywhere. The leaf blower is great at keeping everything as clean as possible. But I would never say that my shop is spotless....spotted is more like it.

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