. . .a treasury of excellences


An automotive design so right that many cars, this

year, attempt to imitate it. 


Swivel seats which swing doorward to help you in

and out, a long-felt need in this era of low car

silhouettes...specially installed only in this fine



Leg-room for easy lounging...head room for sitting

imperially straight...and broad high doors to let

you in and out with dignity. 


Auto-Pilot, which reminds you of speed limits and

holds a steady pace, without a touch of the

accelerator. Imperial alone, among fine cars, offers

you this choice. 


A totally new engine designed to deliver more

thrust with fewer revolutions, slower piston

strokes, less friction, less noise, less fuel. 


A suspension system unique in auto

design...which gives Imperial a poise and handling

stability that soft coils or complex air systems

have yet to equal.

Hand-crafted interiors wrought in glove-soft leathers,

classic broadcloths, sculptured jacquards...in colors

and combinations that are fashion news this year.


New enamels which stay lustrous up to three years

with no more than a casual washing. Chrome accents

almost totally indifferent to weather and aging.


A new plant equipped around a concept of quality

control unique in the motor world...to make Imperial

the most carefully built motor car of its time.


Drive it for sixty minutes. Meet excellence face to face.






. . . excellence without equal