. . . power


Not raw, unbridled power. Not irresponsible

speed. Not hungry, violent horsepower.

Imperial power is mature, obedient power ... under

constant and gentle rein.

It is a new kind of power, decreed by the only

totally new engine in the fine car circle. Its pistons

move more slowly. Its crankshaft turns fewer times

in a given distance. All its moving parts move less


Yet, with all its quiet calmness, all its saving of

fuel and wear and friction, the new Imperial engine

develops greater forward thrust, greater wheel-

turning power, more liveliness per pound than any

other automotive engine of the year.

You expect Imperial to be luxurious, exquisitely

tailored, elegant to a fault. You expect generous


and comfort . . . . For these are Imperial trademarks.

But to find such agility in a car this size ... such

spirited responsiveness, such light-fingered

controllability ... this is the constant surprise. This is

the "feel" an Imperial owner loves.

Won't you ask your Imperial dealer to show you how

much more elegant elegance can be when it's

generously spiced with eagerness?




. . . excellence without equal