A Story of how I Came to Own A 1960 Imperial LeBaron Sedan

by Larry Blomberg

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1960 Chrysler Valiant "R"
1960 Chrysler Valiant "S"
The S Series Valiants were basically a twin of the R models with outward cosmetic changes distinguishing it at a distance. Gone was the fake wheel mould on the boot lid, replaced by a neat chromed emblem bearing the word "VALIANT". The "cat's eyes" tail lights on the R were gone, and instead a more conventional tail light lens and indicator assembly used. The chequered grille was now very neat looking and side chrome work was slightly changed also. The floor mounted manual shift was now on the steering column and various other minor things such as bottom ball joints now of a design that would continue throughout the Valiant range for years. Aside from these and maybe a few other minor changes, the car looked very similar. They sold 10,009 S series Valiants, and again were inundated with orders.

1960 Chrysler Valiant "R"
1960 Chrysler Valiant "S"
In America, you could buy a Valiant from 1960 - 62. They were designated the Q and the R and a Plymouth model known solely as VALIANT. You could order a Station Wagon version or even a 2 door hardtop. You could have a Signet 200, the Valiant upmarket model, or, if you bought a Dodge Lancer, which was basically the same car, a GT model. The Valiant never came out with a V8, but if you wanted a bit more "pep" in your engine compartment, you could always take advantage of Chryslers "HYPER PAK" option, which utilised an incredibly long ram tuned intake manifold and 4 barrel carburettor. This along with some other changes made it a very competitive vehicle. As mentioned earlier, you could also obtain an Aluminium 225, a keenly sought after collectors item today.

So that’s it for the Chrysler Valiant S and R series vehicles. The impression of these cars stayed with me for the next 30 or so years.

It is now around 1974 and my father for one reason or another decided to buy an early 60’s Chrysler Royal – another beautiful vehicle – well in my books they were. Again - a short expose on this vehicle follows

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