1960 Imperial Paint Chip Charts

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We know these charts are hard to read, so here is a listing of all pertinent code deciphering (for Imperials only):

Color Name Duco Code Number Dulux Stock Number Combination Part Number
Executive Gray Metallic



N C-5178-YS
Sheffield Silver Metallic 3074 202-83654 L C-5184-YS
Glacier Blue 4092 246-83793 C C-2232-ES
Light Mint 4094 246-83795 F C-3255-ES
Regent Ruby 4096-H 246-83797-H O C-6050-ES
Regal Red 4099-H 246-83801-H P & Interior C-7097-ES
Beach Beige 4103 246-83805 T C-8081-ES
Dawn Mauve 4106 246-93001 R C-6048-ES
Moonstone Blue Metallic 4134 202-83838 D C-2233-YS
Midnight Blue Metallic 4135 202-83839 E & Interior C-2234-YS
Cedar Green Metallic 4136 202-83842 G C-3256-YS
Dusk Mauve Metallic 4137 202-83846 S C-6049-YS
Powdered Bronze Metallic 4138-H 202-83851-H U C-8564-YS
Silverpine Metallic NO DUCO # 181-17012 H C-3226-YS


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