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This is a record of a project-in-progress, in which Yours Truly finally gets his Exner Delight. As the project goes, I’ll make this grow, page-by-page. I hope you enjoy it. Watch for Progress. Here’s what’s done so far:

Most Recent Update: July 2011

Chapter 1:: The Search 1998

Chapter 2:: A Backyard Find Spring 1999

Chapter 3:: A Color Quandary & Arrival May 1999

Chapter 4:: Prep for Surgery Summer 1999

Chapter 5: The Paint Job, Phase 1 - Unpainting Fall 1999

Chapter 5a:: Pinkie, the Parts Car - NOT! Fall 1999

Chapter 6: The Paint Job, Phase 2 - Color! April 2000

Chapter 7: Reassembly Phase 1: Body Chrome coming Fall 2000

Chapter 7p: Pinkie Gets Exercise: NEIOC Picnic October 2000

Chapter 8: A New Imperial Place Goes UP February 2001

Chapter 9: A CONVERTIBLE! AND the Barn is DONE! October 2001

Then, a few years passed. Family, business, and other Life Stuff got in the way. Now, here's a big BLOG on our Great Race (June/July 2006)

First Great Race 2006: Dave & John prove an Imperial can do ANYTHING!

Second Great Race 2011: Dave & John once again prove an Imperial can do ANYTHING!


Bonus Features & Links

1961 Imperial Ephemera: Sales Brochure, Ads, Owner's Manual, Color Charts + a 1961 Road Test & All -Imps Article!

Bonus Image Attic: Miscellaneous Project-Related Stuff

Styling Salon: Sketches and Thoughts on a Modern Interpretation of the Marvelous 61 Imperial

Imperial Mailing List/Online Imperial Club Website: THE World's best source for all Imperial Info


Of course, All thoughts, pictures, concepts, and other content are all my fault.

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