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Here’s where I’m putting other images that don’t really fit into the story, but might be interesting or useful. They're updated as needed, with the newest at the top (so you don't have to scroll too far for the fresh stuff). I've moved the styling discussion and sketches to their own page (Styling Salon).


21 March, 2001

Hey, on a recent trip to Virginia, we found a roadside stand selling kid-amusing device for road trips. Among these were some laminated foldouts from a company called Klutz, Inc., printed with time-filling games, like highway bingo. One was a series of pictures of unusual cars to be identified by watching as we go along, with point values for each. Guess what's right on top? Yep, a 1961 Imperial Convertible. The picture (below) is actually the same one used on the cover of a picture book called "Roadside America" which has photos of many pre-70's cars in their natural elements atr sites all around the U.S. Anyway, here's some of the foldout. You can find the mane of the publisher at the bottom, if you want to buy one, call them.


(OK, the Cattle-Rack gets top billing, but the Imperial has the same point value and a better write-up!)



Here are some images from our visit with Tony Vickers in England, August 99. Thank you Tony and Thank YOU, Jackie. A marvelous meal and a lovely home and Imperial!

The Vickers House near London, England. In front is our rented Renault Megane Scenic, a kind of 5/8 scale Euro-take on the minivan concept. Note that Tony also has a GMC Jimmy! The man is a glutton for wrong-side-driving punishment!


Here's the lot of us: Good Wife Sue; Tony's wife, Jackie; his son; me; Tony Vickers; my daughter and son. Oh, there's the back of that gorgeous Coronado Cream LeBaron.





Here’s the Scene of the Crime, Pennywise Plantation, Melrose, NY:

Where we live. The house looks West:

Across the Mighty Hudson River.

This is a Fine place to be!



Yours Truly, in case you were wondering (shot by the same camera that brings you the driver’s license photos!)


The pile of Leather and Chrome in the Barn (So Far). Note the tires still in wrappers!


This is how it looks already, just as I received it. Mr. Barden has already done a lot of the Mechanicals for me!


Here is the undercarriage from the back: New gas tank, new exhaust (light rust only since I got it home in the rain!). Brakes and transmission all rebuilt. Everything clean as a whistle. Thank you, Mr. Barden!


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