Chapter 3: A Color Quandary & Arrival

I quite fell in love with that light 'teal blue' but can it possibly go with the red leather? (Mr. Barden planned to paint the body black). While I waited for the arrival of the car, I tried to visualize the combination of the teal and the red leather. Or maybe the teal and ..what? The original combination was white leather. But that’s a lot of extra money when there’s a perfectly good red interior on hand.

Again, I turned to the IML. I explained the issues and offered four choices:

  1. Keep the red interior and paint the body one of the original colors that came with the red: white, black, red, or silver-gray. (I don’t really much get excited about any of those).
  2. Keep the red interior and repaint the body in that Coronado Cream that I like so well. It’s not ‘original’ but it should look pretty good.
  3. Keep the teal paint, AND the red interior. Not original, but the lowest cost: will it look good?
  4. Keep the teal paint and find or recreate a white interior.

I remembered that there was a picture of the teal and white in a convertible in the original brochure that I got with the car. I scanned it in and revised it to show a red interior. I posted the pictures thanks to IML’er Leslie. I asked for opinions on the two. Here they are. What do you think? The Original or the Wild?

Two Color Schemes: Original and On Hand Wild. OF course, the Teal Paint is Brighter AND Bluer And Greener than this 40-year-old picture: It’s a LOONG way from the bluegrass green suggested here. No, my car is NOT a convertible- DARN!


So, as you might expect, the vote was strongly polarized (much like my own feelings on this point). There were those who LOVED the wild red interior (I call it the dinosaur guts) and those who DETESTED it. Very few who offered any opinion were neutral.

Just to give you a feel for the real thing, here is Subtle XS arriving on the Town-to-Town trailer. You tell me what color that is!

Pam & Jeff Burland Deliver!


Look Closer: What Color IS that, anyway? (HINT: The back is in primer!) Note: the International Standard Fin Height Indicator, Model 8YR-BOY!


Oh the Heck with it! I can’t decide yet. Let’s start working on it. I’ll decide AFTER I see the paint renewed (Oh, I forgot to mention: I WILL keep the original paint. How could I NOT? I’ve never seen another 61 the same, and it’s a perfect mystery color (is it green or blue??) – It’s bright, light, and just right for Subtle XS.

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