Chapter 5a: Pinkie, the Parts Car, NOT!

Here Are some pix of ‘Pinkie the Parts (?) Car’ my second 61 Imperial. This one is a Crown four dooor with relatively few options. A fellow IML member spotted this one in a small town about 80 miles from here and alerted me by email (Thanks!). I didn't get down there for about two weeks, and when I did, the car was nowhere to be seen. I did find a young couple working on retoring a house, and in their drive was a 63 Caddy convertible! I figured thy might know a neighbor with a fellow finmobile, and when I asked, sure enough they did. The sign on the window said "$4500" and identified the color as "Autumn Sunset". Off on both counts! This color is offically called "Malibu Tan". I call it "Crayola Fleshtone", though most folks just say "Pink." It really is more tan than a true pink, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I checked the car over and it seemed in good shap, but it was dented in a few spots and lacked the rear A/C I crave for Subtle XS (hey, I WAS looking for a parts car). The owner asked my opinion of value and I told him I couldn't go anywhere near his price. He offered $2900. I thanked him and went home. That evening I copied the rating page from an "Old Cars Price Guide' and sent it to him with a note explaining that he had a 3-4, with a book price of about $1400-1500. I told him I'd go $1800, because it was close by. He wrote back to say he couldn't do it, but for snetimaental reasons, he'd let it go for $1961! Well, how could I argue with that. So I bought it. I wnet back with a friend one glorious fall day and we jumped it and I drove it home up the TaconicParkway, cruisin' through the peak of the Color. Discovery #1: This old girl's a runner. Discovery #2: A big old Pink Finned Imperial is an incredible Smile Magnet. Here are some pictures of Pinkie the parts Car, when I got her home:

Here's the front view, just as I parked her out back.

Here's a close up of the front. The paint has been poorly spot-repaired along the bridge and hood. Surface prep was bad and it's long since blistered, leaving the pox you see here. Note slightly out-of shape at right of hood. There’s an Out-bump there where the ding wasn't perfectly corrected.


Here’s one big dent. OUCH! The owner said this happened at his restaurant/bar when a patron backed into it. Perhaps the patron had left the bar after a long session and believed the big pink thing in the rear view mirror to be an imaginary elephant? Fortunately, this is easy work. I've already knocked it back straight, but it will require a bit of refinishing.


This car has NO rot. It has always been stored winters and it shows. On the other hand, I don't think the storage was always dry and cool. Maybe a barn. That, plus 38 years of road chips, can lead to lower-surfaces having a top rust. Quite better than rot from behind. Here’s a close-up of typical surface rust. This is NOT from below, just years of stone wear.

Here’s another dent (and the only missing chrome). There’s a punch above the bumper, and the fin is kicked in aft of the eagle, right to the ding at the tip (note skewed taillight). Another easy one, really. I've already strightened it and replaced the light (the pot metal was cracked AND bent at the mount).

Here’s another view of the bent wing. You can just see the rippling inboard of the RR fin.

This side is OK, just that minor surface rust.

Here’s a little more on the driver’s side. Zoom in on that rusty zone: no holes. There are some dings under the plastic (which covers a windowless condition). The reason we had to jump it to drive it home is that some kids punched out this window (WHY did he leave this parked at his bar?!?!?!). Then they opened the glove box and left the light there on til the battery ran down.

Here’s your first look at the inside. I opened this door to preserve the plastic on the driver’s side and the dented passenger front door won’t open! Note broken inside handle (Surprised?). Can you believe the condition in there? I was really stunned. It's all there, all originaal and everything (except the speedo and two window lifts) works! This was my first clue that this is not destined for the parts bin.


The back seat area. A little dingy, a few watermarks, but cleanable. Note hole (1 0f 3 similar ones) in headliner on C-post area). There's the spare taillight that came with her. That'll fix that cockeyed one.

Here’s the dash and wheel. Only little, not all-the-way through cracks in steering wheel. Only a tiny crack in dash pad, behind instruments (invisible while driving). Radio needs help. Gas and ammeter, temperature, and oil pressure gauges work, speedo not. You can see worn-through arm rest and power windows only (no vent or lock power).


Here’s a detail of the right front seat area. There is wear through the arm rest and a tear about four inches from the edge of the seat cushion (the only tear anywhere in the upholstery, and I think its restitchable).


Here’s the driver’s area. No tears in the seat here, just the arm rest. Only drivers’ side power windows work,


Well, that’s it. That's how it came to me. I REALLY wanted a parts car to support Subtle XS, but geez, this one is so good (and it runs very sweet). How can I cut it up for a trailer?


I put the question to the IML membership. All advised to keep it and a couple offered to buy it. I took the whole family out pumpkin hunting for Halloween in this car. This was the first time we drove it through our little town. If I thought it was a smile magnet on the highway!…In town it's a Sensation. My daughter insists that we keep it for her (that's four years yet). Our sitter wants it ready to borrow for this year's Senior Prom. Good Wife is willing to be seen in it occasionally.


Sigh. I guess it's a keeper for now. Anybody got a nice parts car?

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