Chapter 9: A CONVERTIBLE Joins the Fleet in a DONE Barn!


OK, OK. I've always said that the exquisite detailing of the hardtop roof is an essential part of the magic and mystique of the 61 Imperial's rolling sculpture. Welllll…….They did make only 429 convertibles……AND, there is something WONDERFULLY over the top in having just two doors and a soft top in a car so large and so ;;;;


and so ;;; How could I say no when I was offered a small collection of 61 Imperials from Dr. Art Tascone of North Carolina? Art is WAAAY to busy as an E.R. doc to play with these cars. They have been hiding in a quonset hut in the woods waiting for him, but urban sprawl has cought up and it was time to sell the land! I found his ad (thanks, IML), and flew right down. OK, none of these are perfect, but , hey, where else can you get a 1961 Imperial convertible, two coupes, and a big collection of spare parts and engines for one price? I left him a nice 63 and a 62 parts car, not to mention a flock of other big iron. Come along, I'll show you!

Here they Were! You'd NEVER find this place without a guide. That's a 63 Crown out front under wraps.

Look Inside! That open hood is the convertible. There;s one coupe to the left and another at the back to right of the convertible. The purple-shirted mechanic in front is son, Ethan. Also visible are a 61 Caddy and T-bird. Not visible are a 59 Lincoln CV and a 61 Chrysler Wagon.

A Rear View. CLEAN! Can you read that Bumper Sticker? "NIXON'S THE ONE"!

Out they Come, Now to Load Them for Transport (Yes, The coupes are ROUGH, but HEY, one of them will become the finned trailer to match Subtle XS!):

A 50-foot trailer?!?! Hmmm… Let's see 3 x 19'4". Uhhh, Tom..? Admiralty Transport says: 'No Problem!" Good thing, because I have to leave - got a plane to catch. I hope this works.

3 days pass. Here They Are ay my place! Oh MY!


  Yep, 3 0n the Truck- JUST!

With the Tail of one coupe over the cab (Note woooden lifts under tires) and one hanging out with rear on EXTENDED(!) ramps, and the convertible cozy between, 60 feet of Imperial comes home on 50 feet of trailer!


With help From Hurley's Garage, all Imps come off and into their new home. All Tucked IN!

Here's another Shot:

That's Subtle XS on the Left,

The Convertible beside, and Pinkie in the Drive. The two coupes are out behind. The loft is now FULL of 1961 Imperial Parts! I think I'm in Business!


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