Tony Lindsey's '61 Convertible - Various Imgaes

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My car's name is "Hyacinth," named after the pretentious lead character of the British TV sitcom "Keeping Up Appearances."

Tony Lindsey's 1961 Imperial Crown Convertible in 1993. 4,865 pounds (2207 kilograms), one of 429 made. After extensive bodywork (the end of the car closest to the camera was crushed before I got the car), engine and suspension work, the car was about to receive its New-Old-Stock gas tank. Unfortunately, that tank had a large crack along the seam, and when I filled the tank, it drained gas behind the car for miles before I noticed. I had nightmares for days of somebody lighting a match, and forcing me to out-race the flames. The tank came out and got sealed properly.

Same car. Taken on the car's maiden voyage/shakedown cruise in '93. I pulled off of the freeway in Santa Barbara, California and looked for a good place for a picture. The car looks great from this distance, but the interior was cobbled-together from four different-colored cars. When I got it, the car had no interior, hood, trunklid, chrome, bumpers, wheels, or transmission, and was missing the top of the engine.

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