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Ray Fabricius' 1963 Imperial Crown Crown Convertible

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Ray Fabricius sent in pictures of his '63 Crown Crown Convertible . Here's what he had to say about this beauty:

When I was a kid my father (who was an over the road truck driver) bought a 63 Imperial convertible for my mother. It was white with burgundy interior and a white top. The car had no options. (I recently found out the approximate original cost of the car, which was probably close to what my father made in one year, and realized buying the car was his way of trying to save the marriage.) About a year after the car was acquired my parents separated and divorced. My father took the Imperial and shortly after moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Last year I decided to buy a 63 convertible. Because only 531 were made I mistakenly believed I would never find the identical car. Last spring a found one that was white with black interior and top. I bought the car and then a few months later found the car depicted in the photographs. It is identical to the car my parents had (same lack of options). Here's the kicker I found it in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Based on the history provided by the prior owner I do not think it can be the same car, but I like to think it is.

I will own this car until the day I die and it will then pass to one of my two daughters.

By the way the photographs were taken at a Cajun restaurant in Illinois on Route 80 close to mile post 81. If anyone likes Cajun food the food at the restaurant is fantastic. The owners are from New Orleans.

Ray plans on restoring the other Imperial and we hope he'll share some photos of it with us soon!

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