I was very impressed with the interior. it had been re-upholstered in light blue leather. The door panels, armrests, and sun visors were included. So, I thought the restoration would be pretty painless.

When I went to fire up the car, I found that none of the gauges worked. I simply thought the problem was with the dash-board voltage regulator. However, when I pulled the dash, EVERY guage was fryed. Apparently, there must have been a short in the wiring. It's wiring was un-raveled and spliced in many places. I had an extra instrument cluster and replaced the gauges. The temperature guage still doesn't work. However, it looks like the problem is with the sending unit. I'll have to pull the AC compressor to get to it. It will have to wait for summer.

The windows all roll up-and down from the driver or passenger doors. The rear window switchs don't operate. I still need to see whether the switch or the wiring is bad.

The radio and antenna work. The auto-pilot is missing linkages under the hood. AC doesn't work although it is fully charged. The headlight dimmer doesn't work. The power seat doesn't move. So, looks like lots of electrical issues. Nothing specific to a convertible though.

I'm still looking for the chrome clips that finish the convertible top chrome strip to the body. If you know anyone that's got them, please send me a note maevans@io.com