Bertil Olsson's 1965 Imperial Crown Hardtop

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Member Bertil Olsson wrote in to share some photos of his newest acquisition, a 1965 Imperial Crown four-door hardtop. Here's what he had to say about his trip to the U.S. to pick up this beauty:

My wife and I went to the US in May in order to get the1965 Imperial Crown 4d HT we bought from Mr. Jim Gesswein in Milbank, SD. Thereafter we made a trip to Newark to leave the car for transport home to Sweden. Our trip from Milbank took about 14 days, and it was about 2400 miles.

We made a two days stop in Minneapolis, where we first went to a Rotary meeting in the early morning and thereafter met a member of the local Chrysler Club, Kristian Oyen. He took us all the day for a interesting trip, showing the town to us. We visited the American-Swedish institute, specially interested to me as a old journalist – it was founded in 1927 by the Swedish born editor Mr. Sven Tornblad.

During the coming days we visited the region where Swedes once settled down, and then we went to the Walter P Chrysler Museum in Detroit. We also visited the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. Some days later we went back to Sweden, and still four weeks later we went to Gothenburg harbour to pick up our beautiful Imperial and driving home! What a journey!

Now it is resting in the garage during the winter together with our 1965 Imperial Crown convertible, light blue, our black 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE and the oldest one, our black and grey 1934 Plymouth PF in very fine original condition. All the cars are in very nice condition and very driveable!

The Imperial at the Bäckaskog castle, once summer residence for the Swedish king Karl XV (1826-1872, king of Sweden 1859-1872)
The 1965 Imperial Crown 4d HT during the late autumn.
Both Imperials outside our house.
1934 Plymouth PF and my wife Gerd at the gun powder factory (not in picture) near Kristianstad.
1959 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE.

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