Paint Names and Codes for the 1965 Imperial

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  Formal Black BB-1

  Ice Blue CC-1

  Navy Blue Poly EE-1

  Blue Mist Poly FF-1

  Sequoia Green Poly GG-1

  Royal Turquoise Poly LL-1

  Silver Mist Poly NN-1

  Sierra Sand RR-1

  Spanish Red Poly TT-1

  Cordovan Poly VV-1

  Persian White WW-1

  Frost Turquoise Poly ZZ-1

  Sage Green Poly 22-1

  Pink Silver Poly 33-1

  Moss Gold Poly 44-1

  Black Plum Poly 55-1

  Mauve Poly 66-1

  Patrician Gold Poly 77-1

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