Fred de Velde's 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe

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Paul Parla (previous owner) had this to say about his Crown Coupe:

1967 Crown Coupe California Survivor

Purchased in late 1966 in Stockton, California.

This car was originally designated by Chrysler to be 1966. The 67s and 68s are arriving slow but sure on the collector market and are finally being recognized as perhaps the most beautifully styled Imperials of the 1960s. Truly the last great Imperials. My 67 has a strong smooth 440 V8 and is nicely equipped with the usual power options. The 24,000 miles are believed to be original and all who have viewed it at local car shows agree abot it's survivor status.

Interior is near mint. Front seats have some minor cracking. Dash-steering wheel and column, headliner, rear package shelf, garnish moulding, visors, rear side panels, carpet and pedals are near mint to mint original. The walnut overlay throught is near mint to mint. Front door panels are near mint original. Hood ornament and all other emblems/badges and scripts are mint original. Glass is excellent to near mint original. The desirable factory original color (and very California) daffodil yellow has a professional, better than factory repaint and is near flawless and nicely matched with a black interior and a mint original black quarter vinyl top. Front parking lamps and lenses are mint original. Original engine bay can use a cleaning and detailing. New correct whitewall tires.

Update February 2011 by new owner Fred de Velde:

My name is Fred de Velde, I live in Holland (the Netherlands, Europe) and am currently the New Owner of; " Paul Parla's former 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe" I bought this car late 2008 and brought it to the Netherlands. It's a fantastic car. I was searching for several years for this particular model and am very satisfied finally owning his beauty. I hope this message will be read and I'm looking forward to your reaction. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to reply. With kind regards, Fred de Velde (City) Lelystad (Country) Holland. email:

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I bought this wonderful car late 2008 from Paul and his description of this car was not exaggerated, it's truly a dream!

Since it's arrival in Holland, the Imperial is still not licensed with Dutch plates but still carries it's original California Black plates.

Currently I'm still not able to get it licensed because of a small malfunction in the turnsignalswitch witch prohibits the car getting passed inspection and from being road legal.

So the car sits in a well heated and ventilated garage underneath my house and is well cared for, but not driven much.

If anybody could supply me with a new Turnsignalswitch for a Tilt 'n Scope steeringwheel, I would be very happy! If you like I can mail you some new photo's from the car in it's new homeland. I drove the car to a local annual classic car event and took some pictures there.

Below are 3 beautiful pictures which were made by the cars former owner (Not Paul but Carl F.) in Las Vegas.

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