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From Brett C. Snyder:

I recently bought a '68 Crown Coupe with the Mobil Director option. They do exist, although the option didn't get the full page spread in the sales catalog like in '67. The Standard Catalog of Chrysler lists the option for $597.40 in 1967 and $317.60 in 1968. It's too bad they didn't keep sales records on this option. It would be nice to know just how incredibly rare it is...

From David Duthie:


"IMPERIAL '68... you want more than luxury in your luxury car."

This book was compiled by Ross Roy, Inc. Detroit... Sept 1967

Page 27 - Options & Equipment section:


Designed for the busy executive who must continue his work while he travels, the Mobile Director also serves as an informal conference lounge in the Crown Coupe.

It features a reclining-back passenger seat that pivots 180 degrees to face the rear; a folding table that pivots to any of four different positions; and a portable reading lamp that conveniently plugs into any of the four cigar lighter sockets.

The table, supported by a sturdy chrome-plated pillar, can be pivoted to the right, to the left, and forward. In the forward position, it converts into a padded armrest between the two front seats. Extended, the table opens out to twice its original size. A lever on the table swivel support permits table height adjustments. A special tool is used for removing the table and storing it in the trunk.


There it is. My favorite part is the "informal conference lounge" part! I know that Imperials are large and spacious, but I've never heard them referred to as a "lounge"..A yacht, yes - a rolling living room, yes - room for 3 bodies in the trunk, yes - a lounge, no! What fun...

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