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Here is my story - I have been an Imperial-aolic for many years and have owned several - to me - it was a real event to see an Imperial growing up - we lived near a series of large estates and it was not uncommon to see Cadillac 75's and the like - or have the occasion to meet Pearl Buck's chauffeur etc.

The State Senator that lived on the place next to us had new black 62 Imperial Crown and experienced a heat attack on the floor of the Senate - the decision to drive him back to his home so his Doctor could attend him was made - and a State Trooper piloted the Imperial at speeds near 100 down the PA Turnpike - as the Senator told the story -

The thought of that Black Imp passing you with those tail lights going 100 with a police escort must have made an impression on the casual motorist to be sure!!

At any rate I currently own a 55 & a 57 as well as the 68 which I have just completed.

This car was originally beige with a black stripe - black interior - and had a mobile director table in the rear. It had been repainted twice in an incorrect color - but was straight - never hit and rust free - in very good mechanical shape and had been taken care of.

I have never been certain whether the director table was something someone installed or whether it was manufactured that way. It certainly looked factory - but it did not have a turn-about passenger seat - and did have an armrest - so I removed the table carefully saving all of the pieces.

Being so straight made the car a great candidate to be a triple black car. after a lot of work and help from a lot people it came to together to the elegant old girl that every Imperial truly is!

It now gets the respect the car has always deserved.

It won a first at Hershey & has been nominated for a National Award by the AACA National Award Committee - a great tribute to a great design - and the final bow for the Engelseque slab side Imperials of 64-68.

Hank Hallowell


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We hope Hank will share more photos of his very nice convertible with us!


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