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Holly's 1968 Imperial Crown 4dr

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One night I had a dream that a nice old man gave me a car. I was only 19 at the time. He said I was a good girl and deserved to have a nice car. Then he died. I told him not to go, but it was too late.

Weeks went by and the dream was forgotten. I went to an estate sale. Upon walking past a row of hedges I saw a tank! Oh, no wait, it was a car! The biggest car I had ever seen! My friend, Chris, and I went over to admire it. As soon as I sat behind the steering wheel I knew she was the one.

While we were standing there, a young boy came over to tell me all sorts of silly things little boys say like, "You're funny," "You should be a clown!" You should paint flames on the hood of your car!" Then my friend told him," You should be a mute!" It was the funniest thing I had ever heard. To this day it is still the best come back I can think of!

So, I cruised down the street, turned around, and came back up the hill…Wow! So much power at my finger tips! The front end lifted up from the weight of the rear! If you've ever driven a huge muscle car up hill you know what I mean!

Chris , whom was following me in his car, said the sun made the chrome cast off rays all over the road. He said it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Like an old café road sign!

So that's the story of how I met my car. Since then I've blown flames out the exhaust pipes, I've hit a man in the family jewels with a gust of exhaust while loading it onto a trailer. It was funny, but sad. I'm currently restoring the electrical to the windows which are super cool because the rear windows go down in a swoop diagonally rather than strait down. I can fit six full grown men in my trunk. And, yeah, it seats about 20 ( ).It's a Chrysler!

The radio switches AM to FM, flipping a panel over on the dash automatically! That was a neat surprise! I'm convinced it has "slow wires". Everything takes ten seconds to function…well, were they built it to last. But, after 40 years these things are to be expected. The engine runs perfectly. It is a finely tuned machine! I have yet to meet its match. It has more horse power and tork than most full sized pick up trucks.

One time I put it drive and released the brake without putting it into low idle. Damn! 0 to 20 in .00002 seconds! Wheeeeee! I don't have hydraulics… she can jump without 'em! Ha ha! Anyway, it's a cool car.

It was in a family for the end of two generations. I found out who owned it from all the old paperwork that came with it. I have all the auto shop history and THE ORIGINAL window sticker from the dealership! It cost $7,432.75 new in 1968. The old man's name was Moore.Dreams do come true!

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