Mike and JoAnne's 1970 Imperial Limousine

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Mike and JoAnne registered this 1970 Imperial Limousine by Stageway with the Online Imperial Club in May, 2008.  Like all of the known 1969-1971 Imperial Limousines, this one began life as a 1969 Imperial Crown Sedan, as demonstrated by the VIN of YM41K9C305XXX.  Stageway converted approximately 12 1969 Imperial Crown Sedans to limousines that were sold in 1969, 1970, and possibly 1971.  This example shows many details of the original 1969 Crown Sedan foundation (especially in the interior), but was updated with a 1970 rear bumper, hood, rocker moldings, grille, and front fenders.  The headlight doors are from 1971, while the car retains the original 1969 parking lights and chrome surrounds.  In the picture below, the car is wearing 1969 Chrysler New Yorker wheel covers.


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Of this car, JoAnn states: I just registered our Limo, vin # YM41K9C305XXX, and wanted to send some pictures and general information about the car.  We purchased the limo around 2000. Rumors we heard were that this car was owned by Brian Wilson (Beach Boys). We were able to back track the owners to 1978, who had heard the same rumors. This car is quite interesting. The interior has red velvet with diamond rhinestones scattered throughout the headliner (see the picture of the headliner below, and yes those sparkles are the rhinestones). The 1978 owner said the interior was the same when he purchased it, so we are thinking it was ordered this way. We are missing the console, which looks like it may have contained a liquor bar because the bottle drink mixer is still in the trunk. We are confused about the year. The vin # says its a 69, but the pink slip states the date first sold as 1970.  We do know that in '69 some Imperials were set aside for Stageway to stretch as they were ordered, and that they made the limo's from '69 to '71, but ours has a 71 hood and grille and a '70 rear bumper (which says IMPERIAL across the top). It does say LeBaron on the glove box, if this has anything to do with the year. We would like to know how many were made and what year ours is. We hear so many stories. Any information would be appreciated.


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