Kerry's '73 Restoration - Part Two

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The first thing I did was email Bob Hoffmeister and a few other parts sources, looking for parts. I also posted an excited note to the list announcing my new baby. Among the replies was one from that Imperial goodguy, Elijah Scott, who mentioned a car that had been close to his parents. He gave the name and number and a few minutes later I was talking to an older gentleman who said he still had the car. He did not know what shape the front fender was in but thought it was ok. He promised to look and I said I would call him back the next night.

In the meantime I played with the passenger window and decided that not only was the motor bad but the switches on both sides appeared to be trash. Also in that category is the headlight motor.

The next day I go to my trusty "old" car parts store and guess what, they have a window motor in stock. It was a little expensive but what the heck, the good Lord is not making any more of them. That evening I the man and he has not thought to check on the car.

My wife and I are both off the following Thursday so I ask him if we could just drive up and take a look. It is about 3.5 hours away near Calhoun, Tennessee. "Sure", he replied. "My wife will be around all day."

When we arrive I see the old girl right away as it is only about 100 feet from from their front door. Amazingly enough, it is the EXACT same car, color, interior, everything! Pretty solid but it is clear that Elijah has been there before me as the entire dash is gone. However, lots of good stuff remain. All 4 doors, bumpers, chrome, windshield, and sheetmetal. Even the seats look salvageable in spite of having the windows down for several years. I'm pretty excited! Everything I need is there except the window switches and Wayne Maddox has them for a reasonable price.

On the way back we stop at the outlet stores in Chattanooga (There is a price for everything and I haven't been happily married for nearly 30 years by being stupid) While Carolyn is shopping, I call the guy. He is somewhat hard to pin down and for a while I'm afraid he is going to want a fortune. Finally he says. "I just bought it for the motor. I've been intending to pull the motor and have the crusher come get the rest. I don't guess they would give me over $70 bucks for it..."

"Well", I replied, "How about I give you $100 bucks for everything except the motor and transmission?", holding my breath.

"That would be OK", he said. I made arrangements to come up the following Saturday. I'm always afraid that something that seems too good to be true will go away so I don't want to give him and opportunity to change his mind.

When I emailed Elijah to thank him for the lead, he offered to stop buy and check things out since he was going to be home visiting his parents that Saturday. Oh Boy, I just love to prowl in junkyards! I asked my younger son to go with me and he agreed. He is not really into old cars although he and I build a 67 Mustang for him when he was 15. He still has it but doesn't drive it much. Kids!

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