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Rudi Groenwold's 1975 Imperial

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I got the car of the internet.   I found it on a ebay like site here in Holland.   I instandly fell in love with it and wanted to have it.

We went to look at the car and could see that it was in need of some wax and shine.   It badly needed a wash.   I had a chrysler stratus v6 and must say I always enjoyed to drive it, but I realy wanted to have the Imperial and knowing that this one, the 75 Imperial, is the only one in the netherlands.

The seller had no clue what he was selling, and he told that he needed the money.

My luck.....

Bringing the car home.
I had a 2.5 hour drive to get it back home and loved every minute of it.   Driving a car like that is something else..... and now you notice how many people turn their head to look at you.

restoring it
The plan is to slowly restore the car knowing that I drive it every day.   Due to the fact that the car isn't in a bad shape.   Some parts are missing and some parts need atention, but first of all I want to drive..........

When the car first arrived home.

After cleaning

The Lebaron with a 1965 Fiat 1600s Osca Convertible


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