Brad Hogg's 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

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This is the second white 1977 NYB I've owned. The first one was just too far gone for restoration so it gave its life to provide much needed parts for many other NYBs around the world. This NYB is in much better condition so I decided to at least drive it for a while.

In early July, 2003, my brother gave me a tip that there was "a big Mopar" sitting outside a salvage yard near Selkirk, Manitoba. Shortly after that, a friend and I were out driving around in his 1975 Imperial and we decided to stop by the yard for a look. We got to the yard and discovered that the car was a white on white 1977 NYB with green leather interior and a ELB 440 engine. We saw that the driver's side window had been busted out and a number of other issues with the car brought it into the realm of "affordability" for me. It was a Sunday afternoon so the place was closed but I did get a few pictures of the car. They had $950 written on the windshield.

The next day, I called the yard from my workplace and talked to one of the owners. She gave me some background and I told her that I would come out the following Saturday (July 12th) to see the car and hear it run etc. Once again, my friend and I went out there, we took his VW Jetta this time so as not to drive up the price of the NYB due to us appearing to be more interested than we wanted to appear. We got there and the helper guy in the yard had the car out and was about to start it up. It ran nice, although the muffler has a hole in it. The car needs some cleaning up and a little work but it can be a good driver I am sure. I negotiated with the man and we arrived upon an equitable deal, which I promised I would not disclose. He was kind enough to deliver the car to my home later that day.

If there is anything else you would like to know please email me. Brad

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