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Brad Hogg's 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

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November 4, 2000

My first day working on my NYB. I set out to see how many things worked and didn't work on the car. I cleaned the nest out from under the breather and sprayed the linkage with WD-40. I poured some gas down its throat and cranked it a while. The thing fired up! It was actually running on 8 year old gas! It ran on 7 cylinders but it ran pretty strongly. I let it run for about 10 minutes until I couldn't stand the stench of the oily manifolds anymore. I was actually afraid the neighbours would call the fire department. While it was running, I checked out various devices. These are the results...

The power seats worked fine but need lubrication The power window switches and motors all work
The power door locks do not work
The front passenger window doesn't move although the motor runs
The transmission goes into forward but not reverse
The power antenna runs but is badly bent and won't retract
The headlight door motor gets power but does not open the doors
All the lights and signals work
The brakes seem good
The right block heater leaks coolant so the engine won't hold water

I then set out to correct a few of the easy items. I straightened and lubricated the power antenna (with ATF) and it works very well now. It now goes all the way up AND down. I disassembled the headlight door motor and lubricated it, it now works perfectly.

While working on the car, I noticed the following features and options...

400 cid engine. I would have preferred the 440 but at least it is the same as the engine in my 78 Newport. Automatic parking brake release. Auto Height Control. It doesn't work but I think I can fix that too. (I might add that this is one of the few options that Jon's car DOESN'T have!) .

I'm sure there are more but I have to discover more about the car to find them.

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