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Brad Hogg's 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

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October 9, 2000

Sure enough, when I arrived back at the yard, I saw that it was not only a waterfall grille but behind that grille was my favorite type of NYB of all. It was a triple white, 4-door, Chrysler New Yorker Brougham. This was not the PERFECT car but it was so close that I fell in love. I knocked on the door of the farm house but there was no answer. I wrote a note, stating my name, number, and my interest in the car, and placed it on the door . I proceeded to leave the yard. I was not more than 100 yards down the highway when I met a pickup truck traveling very slowly. I rolled down my window and asked the gentleman if that was his New Yorker. He said it was and asked me if I wanted to buy it. I said, "Maybe." We went back to his yard and looked at the car again and talked about it's value. He told me that they stopped driving it 8 years ago (1992) because of transmission trouble. He was glad I stopped by (as was I) because he had just that week decided that the car should be scrapped. I talked to him about my possible plans to restore it and after a while I offered $50.00. He accepted. I was glad. That fit my budget just fine. I collected his phone number and bid him a good day.

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