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Brad Hogg's 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham

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My Plans

I bought the car primarily because I've always wanted a triple white NYB. I don't like the 'halo roof' on the 77 but prefer the style on the 78. I also prefer the 78 grille. I also don't like vent windows on a hard top as I feel it spoils the open air look. Secondly, it has the same engine as my Newport along with many other parts that it could donate if it came to that. There was still a hope of restoration though. I am currently working on the restoration angle so I'll not be disassembling it or stripping it down. I probably won't get much done on it this winter as I want to concentrate on getting my 68 Newport road worthy.

April 14, 2001: Parting out the NYB

It was a tough decision but I decided to part out the NYB. I will be keeping a number of parts as spare for my 78 Newport and selling anything that anyone else needs.

October 4, 2001: Good-Bye NYB

After months of trying to get either of a couple of interested parties to come and get the NYB, I had had enough of it cluttering my yard so I called a local charity and they hauled it away. This is the end of the NYB story but not the end of the fun I'll have with all the parts I scavenged off it.



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