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My name is Laurence Anderson from Omro, Wisconsin. I recently purchased my second 1981 Imperial in August of 2005 from its second owner in Fredericksburg, Virginia. What can I say? I was hooked when I brought my first one home 12 years ago--a black 1981 with tan interior--but this one is my baby. The previous owner has done a wonderful job of individualizing the car without taking it out of stock status. I just touched things up a bit.

The original color was seafoam green with matching interior, but he changed it to a white and red accented color combination. He changed the front seats to buckets from a 1981 Cordoba LS along with the console and steering wheel. Plus he used the exhaust profile of a 1981 MOPAR police package for designing a dual exhaust system for it. Yes, two catalytic converters, two mufflers, and tips from a dead 1970 Charger. The air cleaner is from a 1968 Charger. Since my purchase, I have given it new tires, worked on the exhaust system, reconditioned the A/C system (r-134a now), repainted the dash, console armrest and steering wheel hub, and had the car repainted.

I feel my Imperial is almost a "what if" car. Say if there would have been a 1984 Imperial. And MOPAR fans, don't get angry! You know Chrysler liked to dig in the parts bin sometimes and voila! New model! Oh, and so far this year, it's won two trophies--not bad for its first season.

New pics updated 15 Feb 2010:

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