Mark Cross and Cartier Edition 1980's Imperials

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Check out the Mark Cross Imperial brochure.

From Christopher Conway:

I have a question on special edition '81 through '83 Imperials that I would like to put out to your readers. I have seen several listings for Mark Cross, Cartier, and Special Edition Imperials. What makes these different?

I remember reading in a 1982 new car edition of either Motor Trend or Car & Driver, a one line description of a Mark Cross Edition that stated it was similar to the Frank Sinatra version except Maroon instead of blue. It also implied that it had a center console like the FS. I have not seen or read anything else to back this up.

I have seen where people falsely advertise their cars as Mark Cross Editions just because thay have the leather interior, and as Cartier Editions because they have the crystal pentastars, like they all did.

If anybody knows about these special editions please let me know.

Response from Dick Benjamin:

I'm no expert on this subject, but I have 3 '81's, and they all have "Mark Cross" stitched into or embossed into the center arm rest. I think that is just the standard issue, as we all know the "Cartier" crystal is. The only special edition I have heard of so far is the FS, which did have some special features and came only in blue.

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