David Macklin's 1981 Imperial

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Here's what David Macklin had to say about his Imperial:

I am attaching two photos of my 1981 Imperial with moon roof. I bought it in 1985 on the west coast. It had 24,000 miles on it then, and about 48,000 now here in Albuquerque NM where I have had a hell of a time finding anyone who knows how to work on it. It sat in the parking lot at one place for over a year. The mechanics kept saying "we are working on it". I finally gave up and had it towed home. The original metallic brown paint was covered with white scale and the roof had some blistering from sitting in the New Mexico sun for that long. I am in the process of restoring it and got it running good after a lot of trial and error by an independent mechanic who used to work as a Jaguar mechanic. I have a new transmission, and the undercarriage/ suspension system rebuilt, new exhaust system, break booster and the third carburetor works after by passing the electronic ignition and fuel injection. It drives like a dream now.

I am still in the process of restoring it and need two Imperial name logos ... one for the from drivers side and one for the trunk. Something tells me these are going to be hard to find. The VIN of the car is SAJDA14C31LF32176.

We hope David will send more pictures and keep us up to date on the restoration of this very nice Imperial.

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